About Gosh Copenhagen - The story behind the brand

It didn't really start with makeup when E. Tjellesen, the company behind GOSH COPENHAGEN, was founded in 1945. Back then the focus was in the pharmaceutical industry.

Today Bo Tjellesen, son of founder Einar Tjellesen, is the director and owner of GOSH COPENHAGEN.

"We have chosen that all product development and distribution must take place from our headquarter and factory in Denmark. This way, we ensure that all products reflect our identity and values. Our goal is to offer our customers trendy and high-quality products - at a reasonable pricepoint."

GOSH COPENHAGEN offers a wide range of products in different categories: makeup, fragrances, hair care, skin care, body care and medicines. We also develop products for individual brands such as Pudderdåserne, Irina the Diva and Isabell Kristensen.

Today GOSH COPENHAGEN is distributed in more than 80 countries.

At GOSH nothing is impossible, and we put in all our effort to make sure that dreams are being brought to life.
We believe in caring ingredients, and we do our best to lead the way for a more environmental and sustainable future in the beauty industry.

To make a difference, you must take chances and re-think how things are done initially.
Over the past years we have made some strong choices to keep up with the trends and demand from customers around the globe.

  • We care about your skin. So to acknowledge the rising demand for gentle makeup products, we started certifying with AllergyCertified.
  • Perfume is not a necessity - which is why more than 80% of our assortment is perfume free.
  • We avoid animal derivatives in the development of our products – without inhibiting the effect and good quality. Today more than 70% of our assortment is vegan.