BB Skin Perfecting Kit

GOSH BB skin Perfecting Kit contains two concealers to cover up small imperfections, reshape and sculpt the skin and a highlighter. GOSH BB skin Perfecting Kit has a buil- in mirror that makes it the perfect “on the go” product.

• Concealer and highlighter in one product
• Cover up small imperfections
• Contains Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Allantoin
• Easy to apply with the fingertips or a concealer brush.
• Has a built-in mirror
• Comes in 2 shades - Light and Medium
• Perfume free

Concealers are used to cover up blemishes and under-eye circles. They can be used on a bare face, or in conjunction with foundation. When using powder foundation, apply concealer before and after applying foundation. When wearing a liquid foundation, apply the concealer first but be careful not to rub it off when blending the foundation in.

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