Big Brush Nail Lacquer - 634 Snow White

This product is

This product is

Nail Lacquer is well covering, easy to apply, hardwearing and has a beautifully shiny and lasting finish. Apply a basecoat before applying the nail lacquer to give the colour a solid base. Finish with a topcoat to seal the nail lacquer, protecting it from bumps and chips.

Use Top Coat to seal the coloured nail lacquer.

• Beautiful shine
• Strong and hardwearing
• Easy to apply
• Dries quickly
• Perfect brush to make application easy

Begin with a thin layer of base coat polish. This will help ensure a more even colour application, and it also prevents the polish from staining your nails. Let the base coat dry for one minute before moving on.
Always apply two coats of colour, waiting several minutes between each coat to prevent dents and bubbles. When applying colour, start in the middle of the nail bed and work your way to the sides in thin, even layers.

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