Foundation Plus+

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FOUNDATION PLUS+ is a foundation & concealer in one. It provides a natural look and feel and lasts all day. FOUNDATION PLUS+ will melt into the skin, to ensure a flawless finish and protects the skin against sun damage with SPF 15.

• 2in1: Foundation & concealer
• Full coverage
• Long lasting
• Moisturizing, nourishing & regenerating
• Improves skin radiance & hydration
• SPF 15

Apply foundation with GOSH FOUNDATION BRUSH
Tip: "Using a GOSH FOUNDATION BRUSH apply foundation starting at the center of the face and blend out.
"When it comes to choosing a formula, search for something that looks natural, has a flawless finish and feels weight less."
Gently blend in a rolling motion.
Start with a damp GOSH BEAUTY BLENDER SPONGE, as it will not absorb any of the product, just apply it to the skin.
Tip: "Blend foundation with a rolling motion and press onto the skin."

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