Grab & Go - 002 From Dusk Till Dawn

This product is

This product is

From a super-smooth red-brown matt and a glimmering copper to a deep, shifty bronze, GRAB & GO PALETTE has everything you need to create from sultry daytime looks, intense smoky night-time looks and everything in between.

• Palette to lighten up the makeup
• Gives a healthy, radiant, no-makeup look
• Look natural and extremely gorgeous
• Create the perfect makeup look

The eye shadows can be dazzled and toned in one end, with a great result, from the natural look to the more intense evening look.
The highlighter adds a beautiful glow to the skin, highlighting the best features of the face.
The three contour shades create realistic shadows on the face that help define your facial features, while the three highlighter shades create a soft light that highlights your faces highest points and angles so you can easily "sculpt" your face after need.

Follow the drawing that comes with the product.

1. Define the cheekbones to shape your look
2. Slim the face to define the jaw line
3. Shape the nose to create a pointed but balanced silhouette

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