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Im Blushing

I’M BLUSHING can be used to shade, brighten, enhance, and define the shape of the face. Specially created to allow cheeks to be bold, daring and the center of attention, it leaves skin looking illuminated and radiant with a healthy glow.

• Beautiful natural blush
• Light & silky texture
• High colour pay-off
• Smooth & flawless finish
• Easy to blend
• Vegan

To find the perfect blusher; choose one based on the skin’s undertones. The idea is to use a blusher that either enhances or balances out all the subtle colours naturally found in the skin.
If the skin tans easily, like olive skin, chances are the undertone is gold or yellow.
For skin that flushes easily, the undertone is most likely pink or red.
If the skin has a darker complexion, the undertones are probably plum or blue.
Gold or yellow undertones: Pick orange or reddish pinks. They enhance brightness and add a healthy glow to skin.

Pink or red undertones: Stick with light pinks to complement natural colouring or try peach and mocha shades to balance out redness.
Plum or blue undertones: Go for vivid oranges or pinks, which will stand out against the skin.