Mix & Fix Colour Drops

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MIX & FIX COLOUR DROPS contain three blendable colour correctors to illuminate small imperfections and two shades to adjust any foundation. It works with any liquid foundation but can also be used with a creamy compact foundation.

• Allows liquid foundation to be customised
• Few drops make foundation match any skin tone
• Use alone, mix with foundation or body lotion
• Eliminates redness and sallow skin tones
• Easy to mix & fix
• Blends perfectly
• With Cherry Blossom & Samphire
• Perfume free

MIX & FIX COLOUR DROPS can be used all year around to adjust foundations that are too light, dark, warm, cold, or dull as the skin tone changes.
The skin tone changes throughout the seasons and it can be difficult to find the right foundation that matches perfectly.

MIX & FIX COLOUR DROPS is therefore an essential “must-have” product.
This product is formulated to mix with any foundation. Only a few drops are needed to match any skin tone. Apply a small amount to the base of choice and mix in thoroughly before applying to the skin; more can be added until the desired colour is achieved.

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