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Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Anti Wrinkle

The perfect base for all types of makeup. VELVET TOUCH FOUNDATION PRIMER ANTI-WRINKLE reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles while simultaneously tightening and smoothing the skin. A smooth, even, and matt complexion is created.

• Improves fine lines & wrinkles
• Improves the elasticity of the skin
• Enables easy & smooth application of foundation
• Use alone or on top of moisturizer
• To be used especially on areas with lines & wrinkles
• Perfume free
• Vegan

The VELVET TOUCH FOUNDATION PRIMER ANTI-WRINKLE can be used after applying moisturiser or on clean skin. Use it especially on areas with particularly deep lines and/or where the skin feels rough and dry. The result is even complexion. Skin will never look dry or mottled ever again.